Usha Pillai, PhD, PMP
Planning Alliances and M & A
Program/Project Management Intellectual Property Strategy

Founded in 2011, Aria Management Consulting (AriaMC) is the company that enables organizations to build capacity.

The genesis of AriaMC was in Africa, where founder Usha Pillai spent several months on a charity mission as a Pfizer Global Health Fellow. Working in close partnership with her African colleagues, Usha drew on a variety of experiences amassed over many years as a professional in the pharmaceutical industry. It was both personally and professionally rewarding to help organizations grow, a passion Usha continues to pursue through AriaMC.

Real change is often harder to achieve than one can ever imagine. To be a successful change champion, it is vital to seek sincere understanding of the situation, to actively listen, and to engage those affected, or likely to be affected, in implementing change. AriaMC can help both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations navigate change successfully and build capacity for continued growth.

Aria team members cover a remarkable spectrum of experiences. We offer a wide range of services, from strategy to operations. We implement strategies that we develop in concert with our clients. Our mission is about growing organizational capacity through collaboration.

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